AR Peißig represents market leaders in all areas.

We are active in all Central and South-East Europe.

Our customers may expect a prompt, competent and cost oriented service in all technical and commercial questions.

Customer satisfaction is the measurement for our employees and agents. Our quality service offers a competitive advantage to our customers and suppliers.

Baerlocher group of companies is one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of additives for plastics processing, drawing on experience from more than 190 years of our company history. Our expertise in the production and use of plastic additives is closely linked to the success story of plastic materials. Our 1200 employees, along with a global presence make sure that we stay close to our customers.

We are committed to the principles of responsible care: sustainable development, safe and environmentally friendly production processes, as well as protection of people and the environment are therefore key corporate goals.

Nouryon, Building & Construction, Performance Additives is one of the world’s top producers of cellulose ethers, redispersible polymer powders and specialty additives such as thickeners, hydrophobic additives, efflorescence reducers, stain resistant additives under BERMOCOLL® and ELOTEX® trademarks.

Our goal is to harmoniously develop our activities of manufacturing natural ingredients and perfume compositions, by increasing our production capacity, constant modernization of our facilities and the excellence of our methods.

In order to comply with various international regulations (IFRA Cosmectics Europe, Japan Cosmetics ...), but also in accordance with the specifications of our clients, Payan Bertrand guarantees the strict selection of raw materials in terms of quality and compliance.

Our participation in international regulatory bodies on current topics (allergens, cosmetics regulations, REACH, etc.) guarantees our responsiveness and enables us to offer our customers a seamless service.

Dover Chemical Corporation is a leading producer of alkylphenols, chlorinated paraffins, polymer additives, liquid and solid antioxidants (including organophosphites), flame retardants, additives for water-based and oil-based metalworking fluids and drilling fluid additives.

We join other members and partners of the American Chemistry Council in our dedication to the principles of Responsible Care, including product stewardship, community awareness, emergency response, pollution prevention, process safety, and employee health & safety.